About GasqueK

GasqueK, or the Gasque Committee, is the committee whose purpose is taking care of Gasquen. We make sure that everything in the nightclub works as intended when the event organizers show up to arrange their events. We do everything from changing light-bulbs to welding. We are also in charge of  educating our organizers as well as developing Gasquen as a nightclub.


In addition we act as the coordinating unit  for what is known as GasqueRådet (The Gasque Council) which every organizer is part of. Here we make decisions about bookings and other hot topics.

When the pubcrawl comes around, GasqueK  is organizing so make sure to come by. We are normaly open between 20 and 01!


You are more than welcome to make a visit to our room in the student union building. It is located by Skeppsbyggarfoajén. We are always there after 17:30 Monday evenings.

Aspire GasqueK!

GasqueK are allways looking for driven individuals who would like to take part in developing Gasquen. We organize an aspiring period two times a year. Are you interested in joining us? Send an email to aspa@gasquen.se!


Members of GasqueK

Here's the contact info for all members of GasqueK

Chairman, President, Holy Roman Emperor & Head Chef

David 'LK' Bååw



Samuel 'Lillebror' Lööf


Inventory Manager

Måns 'Dansken' Wiking


Chief Bartender

Hanna 'Ronny' Eliasson


Chief of staff

Clara 'JörgN' Jörgensen


Venue Manager

Pontus 'Pongu' Gustafsson



Sanna '"Sanna"' Berntsson


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